Thursday, 7 July 2011

Well that is a real testament to the power of public outrage!

In a statement made to staff, Murdoch said the good things the News of the World does "have been sullied by behaviour that was wrong - indeed, if recent allegations are true, it was inhuman and has no place in our company".
"The News of the World is in the business of holding others to account. But it failed when it came to itself."

What he didn't say is that the staff only found out at the same time as the rest of us via BBC News! Perhaps that's the mark of the man.

One wonders whether the same outcome would have happened just 10 years ago, before the double effect internet; firstly to focus people's outrage via social media - and second in replacing the newspapers as the key news medium with advertising revenues following suit.

That leaves it open for News International to leave a period of grace and re-launch in about 4 months or so - perhaps as SUNday? Watch this space...