Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Murdoch Empire crumbling - maybe

http://gawker.com/5820243/jon-stewart-tackles-the-news-of-the-world-scandalAfter managing a cunning manoeuvre to get the best possible outcome of this past week's corporate horrors and closure of NOTW, News International are now in the stronger position that regulators will review the deal solely on plurality, so wit hone less Newspaper title, that will make it an even more favourable position for them.

That does not take into account the outrageous immorality of his company's practices. It seems from the ongoing wave after wave of disclosures from all the Murdoch stable or papers that there has been a gradual erosion of any morality, so that if an investigation involved an 'illegal' practice, that was just an inconvenience to be got round.
Do you trust this man to be a "fit and proper" broadcaster?

But British law says media owners must be "fit and proper" to be trusted with broadcast licenses. That is something that News International cannot hope to be considered - not in a month of Sundays (even without a NOTW ;) ) 

So as many as possible are being asked to support the Avaaz petition and let your MP and the Secretary of State know how you feel.

This US TV show with Jon Stewart sums the whole sorry fiasco of Murdoch and the sorry procession of police and politicians in his pocket...