Wednesday, 6 July 2011

the News of the World meltdown

This has been an interesting 24 hours with the Murdoch empire shaken slightly by the Millie Dowler phone hacking revelations.

Now it seems that this and the Celebs' hacking problems are compounded by the 7/7 victims phones also being hacked - this revelation coming out on the eve of the anniversary! So they are really living up to their Facebook advert page - the big stories really do start there!

It looks like NOTW were a whisker away from setting up its own inhouse hacking department; certainly all the key people at the paper were complicit in the illegal practice.

There is mounting pressure on the advertising community to boycott the News of the World - and some for the Murdoch empire in total. A Leftist blog Politicalscrapbook, shows who's in and who's out.

To add the pressure other web resources are springing up as well, such as Tony on Pint who helpfully lists all the current advertisers and their Twitter addresses.

One advertiser, Morrisons has stated “Our position is very clear, we’re continuing to advertise in the News of the World“, and pressure is mounting on them to reverse this decision, seeing that Sainsbury's has now stated they will be pulling their ads. I thyink I know where I'll be shopping :)

I would add that th e Times appears to have published a 'brave leader column' today; the only paper that didn't feature this story was the Sun - what a surprise - same bunch of scumbags I suppose.