Friday, 6 December 2013

Google Affiliates update

Well, its over 6 months now singe Google closed their affiliate network and I gave my initial thoughts on their reasonings. Interestingly, when looking at the analysis of gan.doubleclick - their tracking domain - in Publisher-Discovery data, there are still over 37,000 websites linking in (from 44,000 in March 13).

That gives raise to a few potential insights:
1 - Google's 'Affiliate Network' was a pretty hollow entity - if there were only 7,000 affiliate sites who considered it worth swapping their links, there was likely to be very little revenue generated by the overall network;

2 - If the above is true, then we can draw a conclusion that Google closed the network on a very poor analysis of the overall affiliate market; and

3 - By leaving the domain live, Google have created 37,000 sites with over 1.6M 404 errors:

...a bit of a lost opportunity assuming there is any traffic running through those domains.

Even more bizarre is that a fresh index on December 8th shows 790 new linking domains - with GAN links in them. 

I'd be interested to see your thoughts or observations.