Tuesday, 6 September 2011

ThinkVisibility 6 - what a great event!

The irrepressible Dom Hodgson - with Nadeem

I just spent a couple of days recovering from the effects of Dom Hodgson's Yorkshire hospitality at ThinkVisibility6 in Leeds. What an event that was; a really great mix of many of the key movers in Search, Affiliate and Social Media.

What made it so different to other events, was that it was in an almost uniquely totally relaxed and non-corporate atmosphere. That didn't detract fro the content though, which covered a good spread of subjects with original thought (not always found from event speakers) and humour - also often original!

We at Linkdex were very pleased to be sponsoring the event to give some visibility for Linkdex in the wider Search market. Andy Betts, Tom and I got some great feedback from existing users of or platform, as well as a lot of interest from those who'd not seen it yet. I was really good to catch up with many of the nicest affiliate folk at the event, as well as some search folk I'd been speaking to recently.

Many more eloquent that I have already written some great reviews of the content from the event. For me, some of the hightlights for me were:
  • Tops has to be Dom in the Gold coat and hat with Search Family Fortunes - and the sight of  Koozai's Anna with a box over her head whacking away at the Pinata with a stick to win sweets
  • Malcolm Coles exposition of what can be achieved by using Duplicate content; the Daily Mail seemed past masters of this technique and may well be on Google's radar by now then!
  • Neil Walker's great talk on some of the stats in the search industry and that 60% of search came from 3 word or longer phrases
  • Robot Wars 
  • Guy Redwood's Neuro Insights and the clarity that his methods bring to site usability
  • Keiron's Lanyard's travels (see right)
  • Sunday breakfast after the night before - and going into recovery with the help of a full English
Lego & Pick n Mix
I also have to thank Jason for the travels of his Lego man. Keep up the good work.

So after all the fun, learning and hangovers and we're all back to desks, we need to apply some of the knowledge gained, and follow up on the promises made (often very late at night!).

So if I promised to give a demo of the Linkdex platform and not rung you by Friday - just give me a nudge :)